Lipitor and Hair Loss: Is Lipitor Making You Bald?


A connection between Lipitor and hair loss has been widely reported. Millions of people take Lipitor to lower cholesterol levels. While the medication is effective at lowering cholesterol levels, it can also lead to unpleasant side effects such as hair loss.

The drug company Pfizer manufactures Lipitor (and does not like to accept the fact that Lipitor causes hair loss).

Lipitor is be the best selling cholesterol lowering drug, which belongs to a class of drugs called Statin. (Best Selling does not mean best at lowering cholesterol, simply means Pfizer makes more money than any other cholesterol drug manufacturer with Lipitor)

And statins are prescribed by your doctor to lower cholesterol. They work by inhibiting an enzyme in your liver called HMG-CoA reductase. Your liver uses this enzyme to produce cholesterol so when Lipitor inhibits the enzyme, your body makes less cholesterol.

While I had high cholesterol for 5 years I never used Lipitor or other drugs. Now I still have a full head of black hair. I’ll show you later how I reduced my cholesterol safely. But let’s get on and understand how hair loss happens.

Lipitor and Hair Loss – How It Happens

Drug companies, like Pfizer, do not like to link Lipitor and hair loss and it is difficult to find this connection in their official publications. However, many men and women who use this statin drug report hair loss.

You can understand how Lipitor and hair loss are associated when you consider the fact that cholesterol is an important component of your hair.

Your body needs some cholesterol for your body to function properly. Your body uses cholesterol when producing certain digestive enzymes, vitamins, hormones and cell structures.

When you take Lipitor, your body does not produce as much cholesterol and you have fewer basic building blocks. Yes, you can effectively lower your cholesterol with Lipitor, but you may also disrupt the basic structural components needed to support hair growth.

Your body will also use cholesterol to manufacture hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisone, and aldosterone. Your sex life and other important life activities are strongly influenced by these hormones.

Lipitor can reduce your body’s production of cholesterol leading to side-effects that could relate to a change in the production of these hormones. You may notice a reduction in sex drive and so lipitor can lead to impotence – men may experience erectile dysfunction and both sexes may notice loss of hair.

Lipitor and Hair Loss – What Can You Do?

Lipitor and hair loss may lead to long-term circumstances and loss of hair may continue even if the medication is stopped.

You may be able to decrease your hair loss by shampooing your hair less frequently. You should avoid using heated hair styling devices such as blow dryers, curling irons or high-heat rollers.

Also avoid using harsh chemicals on your hair such as hair dyes and chemical straightening products.

Natural Options to Lower Cholesterol without Lipitor

While I should say “Never discontinue a medication such as Lipitor without first consulting with your doctor” – the better part of me, tells me not to say that.

Your Doctor put you on Lipitor in the first place. And by the way don’t blame him – I don’t blame my doctor when I go and visit him if I’m sick. I respect him, but I do my research. He’s a doctor after all and doctors have studied for close to 10 years to cure anything with drugs.

When I had high cholesterol 5 years ago the doctor wanted to put me on drugs, Lipitor or Zocor. I did not listen to him, but I did my research. And you are doing yours – you are reading this page right!? Well done on this. You’re just a step away from finding a solution.

You can use this supplement that helped me lower my cholesterol by 58 points.

Or check out this other supplements, which may be better if you remember to take it half an hour before meal time.

You can also make healthy lifestyle choices such as performing moderate:

  • physical exercise most days of the week for about 30 minutes
  • along with a heart healthy diet that is low in saturated fats and high in fiber.

Both can help to lower your cholesterol naturally.

It is important that you talk to your doctor about a natural supplement for lowering cholesterol.

If he’s like my doctor now who’s very open minded talk to him. But if he’s like my other doctor 7 years ago who was more like an Army Sergeant who would just give orders, take this and take that, then don’t talk to him. Do your own due diligence, find another doctor who is more open.

Take Care

Artin Vaqari


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