Lipitor And Impotence: Does Lipitor Cause Impotence?

Health investigators report issues between Lipitor and impotence. Drug companies that manufacture cholesterol-lowering drugs like Lipitor state that side effects do occur.

However, experts agree that this problem is challenging to investigate because many patients fail to report this problem to their doctors.

Find out below how I never had any impotence issues because I never took Lipitor, even though my cholesterol was high. And I will reveal the 2 options I used to lower cholesterol. But first things first, let’s deal with Lipitor and impotence.

Reluctance to Bring Up Impotence when taking Lipitor

Your sex life has diminished after taking Lipitor and you clearly suspect Lipitor. Do you go to your doctor and tell him that you can’t get an erection? And you are 39!?

The answer is no. And that’s what investigators found – patients are reluctant to bring up sexual impotence issues with their doctor.

This lack of reporting leads us to believe the connection between cholesterol-lowering drugs such as Lipitor and impotence may be greater than originally thought.

How are Lipitor and Impotence Related?

Lipitor, which is a type of statin drug, lowers the amount of cholesterol your body produces. The drug disrupts the functioning of a liver enzyme called HMG-CoA reductase, which your liver needs to make cholesterol.

And cholesterol while bad in high quantities helps build sex hormones. Less cholesterol means fewer building blocks for steroid hormones and you can begin to see how taking Lipitor and impotence intertwine.

Scientific Evidence of Lipitor and Impotence Effects

Patients have been concerned about a link between Lipitor and impotence for many years but the evidence was mostly anecdotal. However, a research review by Kash Rizvi added scientific evidence that gave validity to this medical concern.

The researchers addressed the relationship between cholesterol-lowering medications and impotence or erectile dysfunction. Their goal was to clarify this issue so the general public could better assess the value of taking these medications.

After reviewing case reports, articles, and clinical trials the researchers concluded that a significant number of cases of impotence or erectile dysfunction could be attributed to statin (i.e. Lipitor) use.

Lipitor and Impotence – What Should You Do?

If impotence is an issue you are dealing with and you’re taking Lipitor, I should say that you need to speak with your doctor.

However, isn’t it the doctor who put you on Lipitor in the first place!? And he was not aware that Lipitor can cause impotence?

A doctor is a doctor – it is his duty to give you drugs. I don’t blame him. Personally, I really like my personal doctor, he’s down to earth and very open-minded. I listen to him if I have flu. But not fully, if I have a long-term condition like cholesterol.

So for such important things like this I do my own research. And since you are here, you are doing your own research. Congratulations on that.

I had high cholesterol 5 years back. The doctor suggested I go on Lipitor, but I did not. Now my cholesterol is back to normal.

Consider Alternatives to Lower Cholesterol Without Lipitor

I found two supplements that lowered my cholesterol. I never had any sex/ED issues since I never used Lipitor.

Will your impotence stop if you stop Lipitor and take any of these supplements? I’m not sure. You would need to find out for yourself.

But hey, cholesterol is not going to kill you overnight. I had high cholesterol for 5 years before I brought it down. One supplement reduced my cholesterol by 58 points.

The other supplement helps remove cholesterol from foods while you are eating them (and sends them to your intestines for excretion), so that cholesterol does not accumulate inside your body.

But never give up – you will find a way to have your cholesterol low and have your sex life back to normal.

Artin Vaqari


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