Connection between Zocor and Hair Loss

Zocor and hair loss symptoms were seen in a prominent manner in people who consumed it for at least 3 months.

Zocor is readily used by many physicians to handle the high blood cholesterol levels of their patients and is actually capable of inducing hair loss with its standard usage. Cholesterol is one of the prime constituents that guarantee the healthiness of the hair.

The hair on the other hand is very sensitive to even the mildest change in the cholesterol levels and this is the concept that forms the base of the connection between Zocor and hair loss. Zocor causes the cholesterol level in the blood to fall up to 50%. Such a prominent lowering of the blood’s cholesterol levels is bound to affect the health state of every hair strand.

The most common symptoms that have been reportedly exhibited by the use of Zocor after its long-term usage are lessened libido, migraines, and muscle aches. It is therefore important for the patient to get the blood cholesterol levels checked from time to time.

Zocor and hair loss symptoms were seen more prominently in males rather than females. The usage of this drug is contraindicated in patients whose age is below 20 years. Those who already suffer from a condition that might be responsible for hair loss should refrain from using this drug for lowering their bad cholesterol levels.

There are several other nutritional as well as herbal preparations in the market that can decrease the level of triglycerides (cholesterol) in the body without any of the Zocor and hair loss-related symptom that is induced by the consumption of this drug. In fact, many clinicians have observed better but slower outcomes from the use of the herbal preparations that were used to lower the blood cholesterol levels.

Apart from the Zocor and hair loss symptoms some of the other side effects of the drug can be prominently observed in the patients who are consuming drugs as a part of some therapy that does not bear a favorable reaction when ingested along with Zocor.

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