Zetia Muscle Pain Side Effects

Is Zetia Muscle Pain attributed to

Zetia Muscle pain is one of its side effects. Zetia (ezetimibe) is a drug used in the treatment of high cholesterol. As well as many other side effects, one of the commonly reported side effects of Zetia is muscle pain. Symptoms reported are Myalgia and myopathy.

Zetia Muscle Pain – Myalgia, Myopathy & Rhabdomyolysis

  1. Myalgia is the medical name given to muscular pain of any kind.
  2. Myopathy is muscle damage or muscle wasting that is sometimes irreversible.
  3. Rhabdomyolysis is a term used in the clinical trials of Zetia, to describe the rapid cellular destruction caused in muscle tissue that can occur as a result of taking Zetia.

Among trials of patients taking Zetia a common symptom reported in around 25% of patients is muscle pain or muscle damage.

Is There Evidence of Zetia Causing Muscle Pain?

Yes! In fact, multiple trials have concluded that when taking Zetia, muscle pain as well as muscle damage can present, and is a common occurrence.

Some medical professionals believed that muscle pain only occurred when taking Zetia with statins (another cholesterol-lowering drug).

However, clinical trials have shown otherwise.

Zetia Muscle Pain in Clinical Trials of Zetia

Below is some of the evidence found from clinical research trials about Zetia and muscle pain:

  • In one trial of a patient taking Zetia, muscle pain occurred as well as an increase in liver enzymes (which indicates liver problems). Even after the washout period when the patient was no longer taking the drug, muscle pain continued.
  • In a separate patient, a man already taking a statin was also given Zetia and muscle pain began 16 days later. Twelve days after stopping Zetia, the muscle pain decreased.
  • Another randomized control trial used groups of patients taking either a statin; Zetia alone, or a combined Zetia with a statin. In the group taking Zetia, the symptom was highest. In almost a quarter of taking Zetia, muscle pain was reported. The combined group was second highs, and the statin alone had only 12% reporting muscle-related symptoms.
  • Although the biological mechanism is unknown, studies have confirmed that a side effect of Zetia is muscle pain.

How Can Zetia Muscle Pain Affect Me?

For some people, muscle pain can be very debilitating and disruptive to daily life. The effects of muscle pain can limit the activities you are normally able to do.

Muscle pain can:

  • Limit the ability to perform usual activities
  • Lead to depression from chronic pain
  • Cause sleep disturbance
  • Change position in the body

Legal Action because of Zetia Muscle Pain

In one American case, a man took legal action because the muscle pain was so severe it affected his whole life.

The man noticed muscle pain develop just days after being prescribed Zetia. The pain would move from different areas in the body and for some days he would be unable to walk or use his arms. His arms were so sore to touch he couldn’t even change his socks. When he stopped taking the drug the muscle pain continued and only after 1 year of steroids did he notice an improvement.

This man also had a disabled wife who he cared for and decided to take legal action and raise public awareness of the severe side effects of Zetia.