What Are Triglycerides & How To Lower Them Naturally?


If you’re wondering what are triglycerides, or the meaning of triglycerides we can sum it up with one word – FAT – i.e. triglycerides are what we call “fat”. When you grab a handful of tummy, love handles, or some other fat storage, are you grabbing triglycerides?

In this article, you will find all you need to know about triglycerides definition eg what foods to use to lower triglycerides, other methods of lowering triglycerides naturally, plus why triglyceride medications cause more harm than good.

Also apart from learning about causes of high triglycerides, and high triglyceride symptoms, you will discover how I lowered my triglycerides naturally without drugs.

What are Triglycerides Actually?

Triglycerides are derived primarily from the fats you eat or made by your body from excess calories. They transport the fat in the blood from one place to another. They are also the storage form of fat.

A high triglycerides level often accompanies high total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels and a low HDL level. If you’re not familiar, LDL is the bad cholesterol that you need to lower and HDL is the good cholesterol that you need to increase.

Your Triglycerides Goal

A goal number for triglycerides is less than 125 mg/dl (milligrams per deciliter), despite the fact that a level of normal triglycerides is considered 150 mg/dl. If the number is higher than this, you need to take action to bring below the 125 level. Some ways to do this are outlined below.

How To Lower Triglycerides Naturally?

You can lower triglycerides naturally by simply using effective supplements/ingredients that are proven to lower triglycerides, like fish oil, garlic or niacin.

Or you can start limiting or cutting out on smoking, avoiding high fat food such as red meat, organ meat, fried foods, high fat dairy products and a high sugar diet, or by exercising regularly.

Using Foods & Diets to Lower Triglycerides

The most important things to understand about a triglycerides diet is that sugar and alcohol consumption will cause high triglyceride levels.

You can use a range of beverages, meat, vegetables, fruits, breads/grains to lower triglycerides successfuly.

The short video below describes triglycerides meaning and answers the question what are triglycerides.

How I Lowered my Triglycerides Naturally?

I personally lowered cholesterol & triglycerides with an effective supplement called Lipi-Rite.

It helped to lower my triglycerides naturally without any drugs. This is due I believe to a combination of natural ingredients in a proprietary formula in Choleslo, such as red yeast, guggul, garlic and policosanol.

You can find more information about Lipi-Rite and the guarantee offered by the company producing it by going to Xtend-Life official site here.

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Triglyceride level lower than 150 mg/dl

Triglyceride level 150-199 mg/dl

Triglyceride level 200-499 mg/dl

Triglyceride level higher than 500 mg/dl

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