Tricor side effects


Learn about Tricor side effects? Is it necessary to take Tricor drug? How to lower cholesterol without Tricor side effects?

The side effects of the drug Tricor are one thing, but if you have certain diseases Tricor medication might not be for you. That’s why Tricor drug is not for everyone.

Do not take the Tricor drug if you have serious liver or kidney disease, gallbladder disease, or are allergic/sensitive to the drug.

Tricor may sometimes cause changes in liver chemistry reports from the laboratory. Your doctor should order regular periodic liver tests while you take Tricor drugs. Some people who take Tricor develop gallstones.

You should call your doctor if you feel pain in the abdominal area while taking Tricor because this can be a sign of gallstones. Tricor may cause muscle pain or serious muscle disease in some patients.

If you feel muscle pain, tenderness, or weakness while taking Tricor, tell your doctor as soon as possible. Other Tricor side effects may include respiratory symptoms, back pain, and headache. These should also be reported to your doctor.

The most important fact about the Tricor drug

One of the main side effects of the drug Tricor, is a muscle-wasting disease called rhabdomyolysis. The chances of this problem rise dramatically when Tricor is combined with another type of cholesterol-lowering drug called “statins.” Among these drugs are Lescol, Lipitor, Mevacor, Pravachol, and Zocor.

Avoid combining Tricor with any of them unless your doctor feels it’s absolutely necessary, or to say it better: avoid combination at all costs. Inform him immediately if you develop muscle pain or weakness, especially if these symptoms are accompanied by fatigue or fever: You’ll probably have to stop taking Tricor.

Safe alternatives to Tricor medication?

It is good to have reduced levels of cholesterol; however, remember that Tricor drug or/and any other drugs that reduce cholesterol are not the only option.

When high cholesterol numbers are present, it is recommended to do some simple changes in your diet and lifestyle habits. You can introduce exercise to your daily “going-to-do” schedule, which is of great importance.

Herbs are another great and all-natural alternative, used since ancient times not only to lower cholesterol but also for general health. The herbal extracts serve as a great chemical source to naturally optimize cholesterol numbers.

For example, with regards to policosanol, has been clinically shown very effective in reducing cholesterol levels naturally as it is extracted from sugar cane wax. 

You can refer to the following table of how policosanol can improve your lipid profile as compared to Pravachol, another lowering-cholesterol drug, which has in fact, devastating side effects.

Policosanol vs Pravastatin

Furthermore, specific clinical trials have been safely performed with elderly persons, diabetics, as well as individuals with liver damage or high blood pressure.

And this is much cheaper than any cholesterol-lowering drugs. It costs cheaper than US$ 30. Compare that to any other cholesterol drugs that range around US$ 100. See the table below for cholesterol-lowering drug prices.

Drugs price