Mevacor Side Effects: Watch your Liver

Have you been warned about Mevacor’s side effects? Find out whether Mevacor could prove to be a slow poison for you?

Not many people realize that their doctors could be poisoning them with what they call medicines for cholesterol.

Mevacor which has the generic name Lovastatin is a common medication used for the treatment of high cholesterol. Mevacor side effects can range from mild to serious. You need to be aware of what this drug could do to your system if you or your loved one is being prescribed Mevacor to control high cholesterol levels.

Your doctor would commonly prescribe either Mevacor 20 mg or Mevacor 40 mg. More the dosage can be the side effects. So if you have been taking 40 mg of Mevacor for 3 years and your spouse has been taking Mevacor 20 mg for 1 year, then obviously you are the one at high risk.

So check out the list of Mevacor side effects (1) given below:

Mild side effects of Mevacor:

  • ✓ Repeated attacks of pain in the head
  • ✓ Fatigue, lack of energy, and even severe asthenia
  • ✓ Flatulence and bloating of the abdomen
  • ✓ The sensation of nausea and vomiting
  • ✓ Dryness of mouth
  • ✓ Regurgitation or throwing up of ingested food
  • ✓ Difficulty in bowel evacuations or constipation
  • ✓ Frequent need to pass stools
  • ✓ Loose and diarrheic stool
  • ✓ Difficulty or slowness in the digestion of consumed food
  • ✓ Blurred vision and lack of clarity of vision
  • ✓ Attacks of dizziness or even faintness
  • ✓ Severe itching of the body with visible rashes over the entire body
  • ✓ Burning, irritation, and itching of the eyes
  • ✓ Falling away of hair, or even severe baldness or Alopecia
  • ✓ Inability to sleep or disordered sleep, Insomnia
  • ✓ Tingling in the extremities or Paresthesia
  • ✓ Pain in shoulders
  • ✓ Difficulty in having or maintaining erections during sexual intercourse or Erectile dysfunction
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Grave or serious Mevacor side effects:

  • ✓ The most severe or dangerous side effects are on the Liver.
  • ✓ Liver damage can be recognized by jaundiced yellow discoloration of the skin, nails, conjunctiva and the discharges of the body like sweat and urine
  • ✓ There may be high fever which accompanies such grave Liver damage
  • ✓ Sudden development of muscle pains which is a sure shot indication of Muscle damage.
  • ✓ There may be acute and painful muscle cramping too.
  • ✓ The muscle damage can further progress to damage of the Kidneys
  • ✓ Pains in the chest
  • ✓ Neurological damage can be recognized by the development of sleep disorders, fainting attacks and memory loss

Mevacor side effects may not come up if you who have been consuming it in smaller dosage for a comparatively shorter time. But cholesterol control needs long term treatment, and gradually these dangerous Mevacor side effects will take a toll on your health.

Give your body and your self a chance to live a healthy life. Act now and choose a healthy alternative to your cholesterol treatment.

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