Lipitor and cancer – is there a link?


The relation between Lipitor and cancer is widely studied. Lipitor can prevent certain cancers.

Lipitor is one of the drugs belonging to the group of statins. These drugs are commonly advised to reduce high cholesterol levels. Apart from their cholesterol-lowering effects, statins such as Lipitor may also decrease your risk of developing several different types of cancer. Several studies have evaluated the relation between Lipitor and cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer and Lipitor

The effect of Lipitor on pancreatic cancer was evaluated in a study conducted in the UK. The researchers found no evidence to relate the occurrence of cancer in the pancreas to the use of Lipitor. They concluded that Lipitor at dosages used to treat high cholesterol levels was not associated with cancer of the pancreas.

Esophageal Cancer and Lipitor

Another study further studied the benefits of Lipitor in cancer patients. It was noted that the use of Lipitor was associated with a decreased risk of developing cancer of the esophagus. Therefore Lipitor and cancer may have an inverse relation wherein, the use of Lipitor can reduce the incidence of cancers.

Lipitor is commonly advised to reduce your risk of developing heart disorders. Additionally, it may also exert these benefits which can help you live a healthier life. Nevertheless, further studies are required to substantiate these beneficial effects of Lipitor.

Finland study on Lipitor and Cancer

A study in Finland rules out the link between Lipitor and cancer. The scientists reported that there was neither beneficial nor harmful effect of Lipitor usage on cancer. The study was based on an examination of a number of cancers such as those of the prostate, breast, lung, and intestines. While some studies have reported beneficial effects, others refute these claims.

Lipitor may be beneficial

On the contrary, a study conducted in Canada reported that Lipitor can have beneficial effects on cancer. The study evaluated the number of patients on Lipitor for a prolonged duration and their admission to a hospital with cancer. They noted that there were a less number of patients who reported cancer while on Lipitor.

Lipitor and cancer may thus have a possible relation wherein the incidence of cancer may be lesser if Lipitor is consumed. However, further detailed studies are necessary to substantiate this relation. Always follow the directions of your physician while consuming Lipitor with these benefits in mind.


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