Crestor depression – Are you affected?

How does Crestor Attack your

Feeling blue and depressed; has Crestor depression taken you over too? Find out what Crestor could do to your mind.

As if the physical side effects of cholesterol drugs were not enough already, here come the neurological and mental side effects of statin drugs.

Crestor which is a commonly used cholesterol drug has been riddled with controversies ever since its launch in the market. There were already many statin drugs for control of cholesterol. Crestor which is a statin drugs, followed the slew of side effects like Crestor depression, and Crestor muscle damage.

How do statins attack your nervous system?

  • Stains have been used to reduce cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Though the actual aim is to cut down the levels of bad cholesterol, practical experience now proves that statins could actually create more harm than good.
  • The brain needs cholesterol for a variety of important functions
  • Abuse of statins reduces the amount of cholesterol freely available for the brain.
  • This can lead to major impairment of brain functions, ranging from mild to moderate to severe.
  • Many cases of memory loss, depression and cognitive impairment have been linked to the abuse of statins.
  • The most dangerous effect seems to be when the blood cholesterol levels drop below 165 mg/dl
  • Reports say that patients on statins can even experience severe mental derangement and go on to commit suicide (1) and even murder due to the impaired brain and mind functions.

Why would any one want to be depressed?

Who would want to be sick or unhealthy, especially when it comes to a mental disabling disorder like depression? But doctors are prone on creating Crestor depression amongst the population.

Don’t believe? Then read further to know how these dangerous cholesterol controlling drugs are being abused on a huge scale.

Why are statins being distributed to everyone?

It has now become a common trend to prescribe statins to any and every person. This is based on the assumption by the medical fraternity that statins have a great effect in reducing atheromatous plaques. So why should they aim at getting rid of plaques?

Why do doctors hate plaques?

  • Atheromatous plaques are nothing but the cholesterol deposits lining your blood vessels.
  • Plaques are dangerous for health because they can constrict the cavity of the blood vessels where ever they are formed.
  • Now if this plaque is formed within your blood vessel which supplies blood to your heart, then you may suffer from a heart attack or angina.
  • If you develop a plaque in the blood vessel supplying blood to your brain, and it becomes big enough to block the blood vessel; you could suffer from a brain stroke
  • Similarly these plaques can form in any major blood vessel of the extremities or any other major organ.
  • There could be grave effects depending upon the location and organ being supplied by these blocked blood vessels.

How dangerous is the situation?

Doctors are so biased against cholesterol and the atheromatous plaques that they are now thinking of prescribing these statin drugs to children too, in an effort to keep the bad effects of plaques at bay.

But is this an intelligent decision? Should we allow them to poison us and our children with these dangerous statin drugs? Can you bear to see your child suffer from Crestor depression?

Crestor depression has not been reported in any of the clinical trials, nor does Crestor depression appear anywhere in the drug information supplied along with Crestor.


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