Crestor And Grapefruit: Are They Compatible?

There is increasing concern over usage of crestor and grapefruit together, because of the fact that grapefruit is dangerous when used with statins.

Grape fruit has been known to create a blockage in the absorption of the drugs used as medication to treat high blood pressure.


It also has an effect over the statin drugs, which are used to control the levels of blood cholesterol, like atorvastatin, lovastatin and slimvastatin.

No wonder that patients who consume Crestor for cholesterol treatment are worried if they can use Crestor and grapefruit together.

Where does grapefruit fit in cholesterol?

  • Though grapefruit is a dietary item, it is being increasingly used as a natural alternative to lowering high blood pressure levels.(1)
  • It goes without saying that patients who are suffering from high cholesterol will more or less be suffering from high blood pressure too.
  • Such patients do attempt trying out grapefruit for controlling blood pressure.
  • This is where the trouble begins and the grapefruit interacts with the statin drugs that are simultaneously being consumed for high cholesterol

What are the interactions of Crestor and grapefruit or other statins?

  • The effect of Crestor and grapefruit combination usage is actually not very hazardous as compared to the other statin drugs.
  • Grapefruit can increase or add to levels of the statins in the blood stream, thus aggravating side effects that go with a dosage; that is beyond the recommendations or prescriptions

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Is there a specific quantity of grapefruit juice that interacts with statins?

  • If you are consuming whole fruit, one complete grape fruit could prove detrimental with statins.
  • If you are consuming the juice of grapefruit, then just 1 glass of this juice could interact with your cholesterol medications.
  • But a few doctors are of the opinion that more than the quantity it is the timing which is more crucial. They are of the opinion that if a patient is using statins after dinner, then he may very well take half a grapefruit in the morning.
  • But when you consider the serious side effects of using both these compounds together, it seems to be a prudent decision to avoid falling in to such a pit trap entirely. After all, why take chances, especially when you are aware of the danger?

What exactly does the combination of grapefruit and cholesterol drugs cause?

  • It is a well documented fact that statin over dosage can lead to muscle damage and the patient suffers from acute tenderness and pain in muscles of the body
  • Using grapefruit along with statins means that you are literally overdosing your self with double dosage of statins. One source comes from the drugs consumed and the other source is the effect of grapefruit, which spirals the statin levels.
  • When a patient consuming statin uses grapefruit along with it, there may be sudden development of Myalgia and fever, and it is a medical emergency. The statin must be stopped instantly and may need to be kept off for another 7-10 days.

The patients who are using crestor can breathe a sigh of relief as no untoward effects have been noticed by combining crestor and grapefruit together yet.

But the side effects of using crestor are much more dangerous, so it remains to be seen if there would be anyone actually benefitting by the fact that crestor and grapefruit can be used together.