Lipi-Rite Cholesterol Supplement Review


The cholesterol & triglyceride lowering product, Lipi-Rite Cholesterol Supplement is manufactured by Xtend-life Natural Products.

This company has clients from more than 40 countries purchasing their products. Below is a list of 6 factors to consider regarding their cholesterol-lowering product and company.

1. Putting the interest of the clients first.
2. Honesty and Integrity
3. 100% Refund guarantee
4. Product Testimonials
5. Clinical Trials
6. Purity & Effectiveness

They actually tell you not to buy their product, unless you really need to. This is what they say in their website

Second, it is their integrity and honesty. As one of their clients commented:

Unparalleled Honesty & Integrity

This is just a brief note … to tell you what a remarkable company I believe you are. In the first instance, your new formula actually resulted in the necessity of fewer separate products, which resulted in a significant monthly saving for me.

Yet you continue to research and improve the product. In addition, you told me something that no one has ever told me with regard to supplements – that I should take occasional breaks in product use (at an additional cost to the company).

Your integrity and honesty I find unparalleled, and I wish to express my appreciation. Harry G. USA

Third, they offer a 100% refund guarantee.

This is what they write on their website – they offer refunds for up to 6 months from the date of purchase.

“If you are not completely happy with any purchase from us, send it back for a friendly 100% immediate refund or product replacement – whichever you prefer. We do not want you to have any product from Xtend-Life that is not fully up to your expectation.

If you need to claim a refund we will give you plenty of time to do it…in fact, up to 6 months from the date of your purchase.”

LDL down by 20%, HDL UP by 20%

“I cannot thank you, folks, enough. I stopped taking Lipitor back on September 05 due to numerous side effects and started taking  ‘Lipi-Rite’. My blood work results were astounding with my LDL down by 20%, but not only that my HDL went UP by 20%!

I was so impressed that I forwarded my results and your information to my father, who subsequently placed his own order. After just six weeks the same story. LDL is down 20%, HDL up 20%! We both want to extend our thanks to you and yours.

By the way, all that our traditional doctors can do is scratch their heads…they’re at a loss!”

Jim in Ohio (and Dad in Delaware)

My results are attributed to your products.

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your products. I started taking your  ‘Lipi-Rite’, Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil Esters, and Total Balance approximately a year ago. My cholesterol at that time was 279, my triglycerides were 600. After 6 months I had lowered my cholesterol to 259 and triglycerides to 300.

I went in last week for another blood test and my cholesterol is down to 196 and triglycerides are down to 122. I do watch what I eat but have not changed anything drastically. I also have not exercised as I should, so I can honestly say that my results have been attributed to your products.

I still need to work on my good and bad cholesterol as my bad is 143 and my good is 28. High cholesterol runs in my family as my mother and sister are both on statins, but I refuse to go on them.”

Thank you for a great product.

I had canceled my loyalty order last year around this time and I have to say it was the worst decision I made. My Wife had started on them and she noticed a big difference quickly (who doesn’t) and that was one-half the recommended amount.

I also have missed the noticeable benefits. I have taken vitamins my entire life. Everything from local store brands up to the top of the line commercially available products.

No line of product has affected me as dramatically and as quickly as Xtend-life Supplements. Thank you for a great product.”

Trevor. USA

Fifth, Clinical Trials

 Lipi-Rite only uses natural ingredients with strong clinical evidence supporting their efficacy and safety. All formulas they use only contain raw ingredients that are clinically PROVEN to be safe and effective.

They use active ingredients that have solid clinical evidence supporting supplements’ efficacy and safety. They examine these ingredients at the molecular level to determine their compatibility and synergy with other ingredients in the formula. This is important because when you mix ingredients they can interact with each other to form a different compound. They manufacture their supplements so that ingredients are combined scientifically. This will increase the individual effectiveness manifold.

Sixth, Purity and Effectiveness.

They ensure the products they manufacture are pure and free of contaminants. They do this by testing raw ingredients. Not only that they also test EVERY batch of product that they produce for heavy metals as well as microbiological contamination. They apparently are one of the very few manufacturers that do this additional testing. This testing is done by a government GMP-approved independent laboratory. If any batch did not meet this very stringent specification it would be discarded.