Lowering Cholesterol Without Medication & Drugs


Lowering cholesterol without medication must be your first option, even if the doctor recommends otherwise.

I personally had high cholesterol (total cholesterol was 250 plus when the normal range is below 200), and I started lowering cholesterol without drugs effectively by 58 points – you can actually find out more about my story & the Crush Cholesterol Blueprint that I developed here.

Below you will find 3 safe ways to lower cholesterol without medication. You can actually notice your cholesterol-lowering after a few months (2 months if you use method 1 that I used also). Of course, you need to go for a lipid blood test to check your levels, after trying any of these methods for at least 2 months.

Lowering Cholesterol Without Medication – Supplements

I put supplements as the first option to start lowering cholesterol without drugs since this is the easiest and the most effective method. More importantly, this is what I used to lower my cholesterol by 58 points/23% in 2 months. The supplement I used is Choleslo.

I believe it was very effective because it contains a number of ingredients where each of which lowers cholesterol, but together they lower cholesterol tremendously. Choleslo contains policosanol, phytosterols, red yeast rice, guggul & garlic. All these ingredients have been studied and research has shown that each of them lowers cholesterol.

You should follow the next 2 methods & combine them with a supplement for lowering cholesterol without medication. The reason is simple.

While an effective supplement like Choleslo will lower cholesterol, it will not make you healthy. Cholesterol causes are many, but there are 2 main causes – food/diet & lack of exercise/movement.

If you don’t do something about them, then while you lower cholesterol with supplements, you would probably fall prey to another disease (there are many of them out there – cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc).

2. Lowering Cholesterol Without Medication – Modify Your Foods & Diet

You don’t have to suffer and eat steamed food (that’s what my doctor recommended first when my cholesterol was high). But there are better ways and foods that can be tasty and still help you lower cholesterol without drugs.

First, avoid foods that contain saturated & trans fats. Saturated fats are mainly present in animals e.g. meat & poultry.

Second, avoid high cholesterol foods, like egg yolk (you can eat freely the egg white), cheese, beef kidney & liver (it’s better to avoid eating internal organs from all animals anyway), lamb, and butter.

What do you eat then?

You can focus on low cholesterol foods, like oat cereal, and fruits (especially currants like grapes, apples, etc). Feel free to eat most vegetables, especially spinach, onion, avocado, broccoli, and fresh garlic.

You can also eat lean meat or chicken – but you want to cut off the fat eg remove chicken skin and eat the real meat only.

3. Lowering Cholesterol Without Medication – Moderate Exercise

I say moderate exercise because you don’t have to lift heavyweights. Walking at a normal pace for 30 to 45 minutes a day does the trick.

Now if you are very active (like my father-in-law who’s a farmer and spends his day in the field), forget about this part. You will be getting all the exercise your body needs by simply doing what you do.

However, if you’re like me, working in a nice air-conditioned environment, getting out of your house to the car and driving around, then do any of the following:

  • Brisk walking;
  • Golf (walking the course)
  • Dancing (take it easy here depending on your age, don’t do a Flashdance);
  • Bicycling;
  • Gardening;
  • House cleaning;
  • Jogging/Swimming;
  • Aerobics class;
  • Basketball/Racquetball/Tennis

I am confident that if you just take effective supplements like Choleslo you will lower cholesterol. But if you take care of your diet and exercise I am not only confident but certain that you will not only lower cholesterol but will have a healthier you, have more energy, and be full of life.